January 30, 2020

IO5: Policy recommendation

We will develop policy recommendations paper to deliver the local/regional/national authorities regarding the:
Problems faced and possible solutions
Differences between countries
Learning needs of 21st Century prisoners and staff
Opportunities emerged with technology and blended learning
Good examples identified
Policy recommendations for the (near) future
Many prisoners are not self-reliant and the whole concept of the prison makes them dependent of others, for their daily interactions but also in their thinking. They do not need to think for themselves.
The autonomy of the person is severely broken down while in prison. Therefore, it is important to use all tools necessary that keeps the autonomy of the person strong. A platform like BLEEP can do that.
Because responsibilities are clear, timeline are clear, actions to be taken are clear and the ownership is in the hands of the person in prison.

In this intellectual output we will write a policy paper with concrete recommendations, also specific for each country. The essential idea we will bring across is how prison education should be changed into lifelong learning process, both for prisoners and for staff. Education and reintegration in prison should not be about ticking boxes, or providing courses or trainings, it should be about lifelong learning. it is about supporting a human being in being capable for thinking for itself. It is the idea of Bildung. That a person develops itself into an independent human being capable of thinking for itself. Bildung is the formation of independent, free and good personalities with a sense of history and culture.