January 30, 2020

IO4: Facilitators journey: Inside-out

This intellectual output will focus on the guidance that is needed in order to work with the platform. The platform in itself is many things. It is about education, linking organizations with each other, linking skills to certain needs. Therefore, it is important that people working with the platform
understand how it work so that they can support prisoners as best as possible. In this output we will develop a manual which includes a training for prison staff, and other people working with ex prisoners.
It will both be on paper as well as e-learning, so blended learning training.
The facilitators journey, manual for prison staff will have, like the learners journey, four important main elements;
The needs
The skills
The platform
The network
Like the prisoners, staff also has certain needs for doing their job well, for example leadership training, motivational interviewing, etc. It is important to align the needs for staff training to the (needs) of the target group.