Bleep piloting in Turkey

The local pilot testing of BLEEP project was carried out in the Kocaeli Open Correctional Institution (KOCI) on 23.11.2021 and in Kocaeli Probation Directorate (KPD) on 25.11.202. The total number of participants to the pilot activities was 12; 6 inmates from KOCI and 6 obligants from KPD, who are in the process of supervised probation before their release. The Turkish version of three BLEEP pathways have been tested during the pilot;

  • Money & Income; Housing; Work & Learning;

The sessions were held with4 different groups with three participants in each session. Effective feedback was received from all participants as well as the pilot team (3 facilitators and 1 observer) in order to enhance the quality and efficiency of the BLEEP tools.

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