BLEEP! Blended Learning Environment for European Prisoners

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What is BLEEP?

The BLEEP project is about digital inclusion in the broadest sense. We will create and implement an innovative, creative, Europe-focused blended learning platform for all (ex-)prisoners

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The Bleep Research

Research into existing methods concerning the acquirement of skills needed to ‘survive’ in the 21st century. How is the learning process organized in European prisons?

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Learners Journey

How we can create an innovative, Europe-focused blended learning environment, in which the learning process of an individual can be monitored from the inside to outside prison?

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The bleep platform

A digital tool that will guide participants through the skills needed for the 21st century in a creative and informative way, to monitor the learning process of each prisoner

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Facilitators journey

A manual for prison staff with four main elements: 1. The needs; 2. The skills; 3. The platform; 4. The network

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policy recommendation

This paper will regard problems faced and possible solutions, differences between countries, learning needs of 21st Century prisoners and staff, opportunities emerged with technology and blended learning

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